Vinyl - From Me Labels

Product Code : VY_From_Me

Brand : macaroon


Personalised Address Stickers


Are you always returning items left at your house?

Popping lost property in lockers? Sending goodies to friends?

Our "From Me" stickers are a must-have in any organised home, handbag or car. A book of 72 bright, personalised labels with a convenient spot to write the receiver's name - ideal for sealing packets or popping on parcels.

Keep a sharpie handy in your handbag or cubby-hole and these little labels will change your life.

COLLECT KRAMERVILLE (FREE) - (7-8 work days) JHB, Macaroon Warehouse - Block 3, First Floor (Kramer Rd) , Kramerville Corner, Kramerville R0
EMAILER ONLY / NO SHIPPING - Select this ONLY if your entire basket is comprised of emailer/whatsapp items R0
Pargo Point Drop-off (10 work days): R90 (purchases < R1200) R90
Door-to-Door Courier (8 work days): R100 (purchases < R1200) R100
International Delivery (3 weeks): R580 (purchases below R1000) R580

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