About Us

Introducing Macaroon – The hottest personalised stationery site – giving you access to stylish social stationery, with a fresh twist. Created in 2010, Macaroon was born from the desire to merge the traditional values of letter writing and gift giving, with the latest in modern technology.


Personal Touch

We see stationery as an extension of your personal style and personal brand. A beautiful invitation creates the first impression and sets the tone for the perfect celebration. A personally wrapped gift shows care and love in its giving. A thank you note scribed on personalised stationery is stylish and intimate. Through our gorgeous range of bespoke social stationery, Macaroon allows our clients to define their personal brand and to create the perfect first impression.

Our varied and extensive product offering will leave you spoilt for choice. Whether it is personalised stationery, invitations, home organisation or Macaroon's trademark gift stickers you are looking for, we offer product and design choice for everyone. Stunning designs combine with your personal photographs to provide you with individualised stationery that you will create yourself with our slick on-line system.


Our Technology

It is Macaroon's innovative and advanced technology that clearly distinguishes us from competitors in the market. Macaroon has developed our own bespoke technology to support our advanced web requirements.
And with Social Media having become a way of life for most, transforming people from content consumers to content producers, Macaroon has made web integration a top priority - allowing our users full integration with their facebook, instagram and other image-based social profiles when using Macaroon on-line. This feature means that our clients' online photo albums (Facebook, Flikr, Instagram, Dropbox etc) are highly accessible when personalising their Macaroon products; and that their personalised social stationery can be published for wider consumption.


What's in a name?

And why Macaroon you may ask? When choosing a company name, we wanted it to be all encompassing with room to expand in to a variety of product offerings. For us, "Macaroon" is fresh, quirky and current. Foodies in-the-know have dubbed the dainty little creations, the "cakes du jour" or "the new cupcake" and we hope to be considered in the same light - new and fresh - capturing the essence of beauty and indulgence - a return to old-fashioned values, with a modern twist. Like Macaroons, our web-site and product suite are a visual feast. And clearly, the bright alluring colors of the Macaroon - chocolate, pistachio, raspberry pink and turquoise blues - inspired much of our color choices and designs; resulting in a color palette that lifts the spirit and makes you smile - which is exactly what we at Macaroon want when you open your package of personalised stationery or peel off your individual gift sticker - a swelling of pride and a feeling of joy in giving - and a treat to receive.

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