Vinyl Toy Storage Labels - Fizzpop

Product Code : VY_Playroom_Jellybean

Brand : macaroon


Vinyl - Playroom Label Pack


Macaroon's toy storage vinyl labels will change your life! By labeling your playroom, you will make tidy-up time easier and ensure that everything has a clearly marked home. They are a bright & fun way to label your kids' art essentials and store their toys.

The pack includes 48 vinyl stickers (60mm round) - 36 of which are pre-designed, with the ability to personalise 9 stickers yourself.

The fizzpop colorway is perfect for any playroom that houses both boys and girls.

The pre-designed stickers include the following labels: Crafts; Paints; Crayons; Koki Pens; Wind-Up Pens; Pencil Crayons; Craft Tools; Art Tools; Playdough; Puzzles; Lego; Sports; Music; Plastic Animals; Board Games; Computer Games; Woodwork; Blocks; Marbles; Balls; Trains; Remote Control; Cars; Characters; Stickers; Dolls; Dress Up; Fantasy; Fancy Dress; Accessories and Stuff.

Make sure you too have the perfect playroom with these terrific toy storage stickers.

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