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Everybody loves Lego! It has to be one of the most timeless toys around and last year's "Lego Movie" took it to new heights. 

But the debate rages on... between frustrated Mums trying to tidy their childrens' Lego and not stifle their creativity at the same time. How do you store your Lego? So many manuals. So many colours. So many themes. So many pieces. Do you keep it in its sets? Do you store it by colour? Do you store it by theme? How do you keep it neat and at the same time make sure it is fun and easy to play with for your children?

However you like to store your Lego, Macaroon's bright vinyl Lego storage labels will change your life and make the process simpler, tidier and more organised.

By labelling and sorting your Lego, you will make tidy-up time easier and ensure that everything has a clearly marked home. We love to use them on clear plastic containers, large glass jars, lego storage draws and bright lego containers. So many of your local plastic stores sell fabulous draws, usually meant for filing stationery or art supplies, that make a great alternative for Lego storage. Plastic stores also sell simple clear bins and tubs that stack on top of each other and are perfect for storing lego in colours or themes. 

Macaroon's label pack includes 45 block-shaped vinyl stickers - 36 of which are pre-designed, with the ability to personalise 9 stickers yourself. We have covered all the major Lego colours and themes, men, manuals and accessories - leaving you the opportunity to use the personalised stickers for your childrens' names or personal collections. 

The Macaroon pre-designed stickers include the following labels: Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Clear, Purple, Pink, Black, Grey, White, Men, Manuals, Games, Wheels, Accessories, Boards, Starwars, Technic, Chima, Ninjago, Galaxy, Space, Hero Factory, Super Heroes, Lord Of The Rings, Friends, Disney, Minecraft, City, Architecture, Movie, Castle, Creator, and Racers.... shew! What will Lego think of next!

Many of our clients also love the large Lego drawstring bags that are available through certain toy stores - allowing your kids to untie it and use it as a playmat, simply tying it back up when they are done!

Macaroon's personalised zip book bags are also a great way to store your Lego manuals, meaning that if your Lego sets are disassembled and split up, you always have the manual to refer to when your kids want to rebuild their favourite Lego contraption. Many of our clients also use our fun, personalised Lego notebooks for making notes about their Lego collections and creations. they also make a perfect pressie for a boy who loves Lego.

And if they love Lego, they are sure to love a Lego-themed birthday celebration. So Macaroon has expended our Lego range to include a personalised birthday party invitation, thank you nore, party pack sticker and gift tag. 

Primary colours with bright yellow accents, Lego pinnatas, Lego cake pops, Guess how many Legos in the jar, Lego balloons - the opportunities are endless for a Lego themed celebration.

Glass jars sprayed yellow and transformed in to Lego men faces make wonderful party vessels and party bags can be transformed in to Lego bricks very easily using bright cardboard.

Get your children involved and use Lego to build your containers for the party table. 

Every little boy HAS to have a Lego-themed celebration at some stage... it is a right of passage! Indulge your children in the endless creative opportunities and wonderful world of Legoland.

"Everything is awesome. Everything is cool when you're part of a team. Everything is awesome - when you're living your dream."

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