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Hunting, Fishing, Shooting... capturing your memories and passing on your passion!

With Father's Day falling in June, the Macaroon team has been reminiscing about the men in our lives and pondering over the differences between men and women. These differences date back far in history - research has suggested that men and women see things differently because of ancient hunter-gatherer programming in their brains. Men, who were traditionally hunters, needed the ability to observe from afar. While women, traditionally gatherers, had to be adept at searching an area close to them for fruits, nuts, berries and roots.

We still see this clearly today: Our female clients browse our online offerings for hours on end, gathering beautiful pieces of personalised stationery, searching the site for hidden gems that they may not have discovered yet. While our male clients dash in to the Studio, knowing that they are looking for a gift for their better-half, take aim and fire. Their choice is made (usually by us on their behalf) quickly and decisively.

So, with hunters in mind and Father's Day around the corner, we thought we'd start designing more for the menfolk. Our brand new personalised Hunting, Fishing and Shooting Record Books are ideal for any man who has translated these primal instincts in to his sport, passion or hobby and wants to record his experiences, and pass his passion on to his children or grandchildren. 

I grew up with a Father who was a Springbok Rock and Surf angler. My dad, now in his late 60's, has fished since he was a little boy and competitively since he was a teenager. He is a legend in angling record books, has received a State President's award for his contribution to the Sport and has enjoyed most of his life with a rod and reel in hand. Almost all of my memories growing up involve us being with him on the beach while he fished - whether in Mozambique, Natal or on the Transkei Coast - watching him reel in an array of fish and sharks, teaching us the importance of tag and release, giving us all lessons on how to cast, how to best gut a fish, and making sure that both my brothers were also hooked on the sport of fishing (no pun intended). 

Thinking back at the thousands of catches he has made in his life, I have to wish that he had recorded them. Naturally, he has passed much of his knowledge and stories on to my brothers in the time they have spent fishing together. But had he kept a record of when and what he caught and how he caught it, it would make for great reading for his sons and grandsons one day. Our records books would have allowed him to share details on each species, the bait he used, the weather conditions and to add useful tit-bits on whether he tagged and released them, how long he fought them for, and to even let us know which he best loved to cook on a braai!

The fishing genes have been passed on to my six-year old son and his cousins and trips to Durban are not complete without some fishing adventures with their Grandfather. My dad has helped my son catch his first big fish and I have no doubt there will be many more hours spent together with their feet in beach sand, rod in hand. So, while we designed the personalised Fishing Record Book with my dad in mind, I have also printed one for my young son. It already has his first entry in it and I hope that he will fill it up over the years and look back on it when he is a father or grandfather one day,  showing his grandchildren that he caught his first big fish in April 2012 on Durban Bay with his grandfather.

The Fisherman record book is hard-covered, personalised on both the cover and on the inside pages, and includes a personalised printed message from the giver. The pages are printed on a high quality linen paper, with every page inside personalised, and with columns for you to record details such as the date of catch, species, mass, weight and length, where caught, and whether caught on bait, fly or lure.

Recording your memories is priceless. And passing your passion and experiences on to your children and grandchildren means that a little bit of history is captured in time. And one day, your grandson will be able to see that fifty years earlier, his grandfather went on a hunting trip with the grandfather of one of his friends, or be able to reminisce about how gear and methods have changed and evolved. Like "The Fisherman", both "The Hunter" and "The Shooter" record books are also fully personalised and designed for you to record the details of the date, location, hunting party, wildlife bagged, wildlife spotted, and gear and ammunition used. 

So, for all the hunters and fisherman out there, make sure you capture the details of your hobby - you'll be surprised at how your descendants will appreciate it and the joy you'll get looking back at it. Until next Tuesday, take some time to reminisce about the men who influenced your childhood and taught you your passion. From the Macaroon team, happy Father's Day and tight lines!

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