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Once Upon A Time...

"Once upon a time in a fairytale land far away, lived a little girl named Rebekah, celebrating her 4th birthday! Jack climbed up his beanstalk, Rapunzel let down her golden hair, Snow White rounded up her seven dwarves to make sure they were there. Sleeping Beauty was awakened to join the special day. Hansel & Gretel followed breadcrumbs, that led them all the way. Can you imagine Rebekah's delight when they all arrived for tea. And lived happily ever after - come play fairytales with me"....

When my daughter, Rebekah, turned four, she loved nothing more than to play dress up and be read fairytales. As such, a fairytale-themed celebration was on the top of her wish-list and our "Once Upon A Time" personalised invitation set the perfect scene. Designed to look like an old fashioned storybook, this romantic invitation featured the fun personalised poem above, as well as a photo fo the birthday girl. Party guests were asked to come dressed as their favorite fairytale character and the scene was set for a day of old fashioned fun.

This party theme lends itself to classic party entertainers, such as face painters, puppeteers, or party entertainers who come dressed as Cinderella or Snow White and play games with the guests.

The party table was laid using shades of pinks and old silver jugs and bowls to house the party food and give the feel of being at a banquet in a castle. A large edible ginger-bread house also adds a gorgeous touch to the table. 

Rebekah's birthday cake was Rapunzel's castle - but this theme leaves itself wide open to an array of birthday cake possibilities - a pumpkin carriage, a glass slipper, sleeping beauty in a bed - would all make beautiful birthday cakes. 

Party guests went home with large iced biscuits in the shape of Cinderella's coach and sealed with a matching "Once Upon A Time" personalised goodie bag sticker. But again, the list of possible party favors with this theme is endless: crowns for the girls, swords for the boys, edible mice (like the ones in Cinderella), little gingerbread houses, a fairy Godmother's wand.....

The theme works just as well for a boy's birthday celebration and our boys version of the "Once Upon A Time" invitation refers to dragons, King Arthur and the Knights of the round table...

Either way, this celebration appeals to your little ones' imagination and allows them to spend the day in a fantasy Kingdom, surrounded by their friends.

So - imagine their delight, when their fantasies arrive for tea.... and live happily ever after... come play fairytales with me!

The end.

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